Lucid Dreams Open Portals

Lucid dreams that include a portal of some sort are usually more creative in nature. In one of my most recent lucid dreams, I saw two portals: one on the floor and the other looked like a door. It’s a portal of some sort because once it is crossed, things seem different. For instance, in this dream, a woman was running on the road; and, the houses were moving in the opposite direction as the woman moved forward. The funniest thing was that the house she planning to get to keep moving away from her, and it seemed to have a will of its own. The sudden appearance of items is also possible as the portals become more visible. For example, the cabinet containing pet animals became visible after I (the woman in the dream) had cleaned the portal that was found on the floor and was covered with edible oil. Things might also be out of place in the vicinity of the portal or on the portal. For example, objects including humans of some sort that were part of the portal were vibrating, slowly moving, and perhaps communicating in some sort of illegible language while I (the woman in the dream) cleaned the portal.

Portals are of many types. I know that some people who are looking for material strength are busy searching for physical and mental portal. But,they will never find the complete answer if they keep using brute force to get what they want. That’s because my portal only opens as gently as possible, which is a critical definition of the rest of the universe. Its called “using Microcosm to define Macrocosm”.


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