Lucid Wind and Healing

Some nights ago, I had drunk sufficient amount of Aloe Vera juice during the day. As I lay in my bed, I placed my hand just above where the stomach starts. Then, I thought of healing myself because healing is my superpower. I kind of dozed off when I felt some sort of wind gently playing itself on top of my hand and then moving towards my stomach. I thought I saw something so I kind of woke up and felt the wind differently. Or was that the wind? Was I kind of asleep? I have always been able to urinate properly when I use this technique. My fear vanishes and I don’t feel any anxiety as I urinate. This technique helps me a lot during menstruation.

Another story that ties into this phenomenon is the story of one of my male relatives. He was slim and he always wanted to look muscular and stronger like the rest of the men. I prayed in his favor; later, he developed such amazing muscles. To some extent, I can release lucid wind to heal; I always combine this technique with prayers.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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