Portals are an important part of the lucid dreams. Recently, NASA discovered hidden portals inside Earth’s magnetic fields.  Did you notice the long tube-like portals? Also, did you notice the waves, which are somewhat similar to what I saw in my dream “Bow of Theseus”? What exactly are these portals for? I am not so sure; but, what if these portals are fluctuating the time capsule somehow?

I find it funny that I get dreams about portal-like objects. I have listed some of them below:

Here is a very interesting video by Beyond Science that reminds us that time travel can easily take place through long and slender spaces like tunnels or wormholes.

In this next video, we see Theoretical Physicist, Michio Kaku, claim that there is no law of Physics that prevents time travel.

The wormholes that exist in the space around us can be easily accessed through lucid dreams and thus time travel may occur. This knowledge grants me the satisfaction of not wondering how I can sometimes predict the future during my dreams. You might find this very funny, but Lucy (2014) also shows some sort of wormhole inside the mind of the protagonist.

After reviewing my dreams and the above-mentioned concepts in detail, I have formed the final conclusion that long and slender mental machines are the key to time travel.

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