Activity: Naming Dream Characters

One way of reactivating dream characters is by naming them and then beckoning them. First, write down some of your dreams and name your favourite dream characters. Some of these names might be very generic. Here are some of my favourite dream characters:

  1. Dark Giant
  2. Jinns
  3. Arzoo (Me)
  4. Family Members
  5. Close Friends
  6. Morfeus, the Shapeshifter
  7. Water Sucker
  8. Firefly Man or Man with Golden Points
  9. Lover/Husband
  10. Children
  11. Pets
  12. Passengers of the Train
  13. Train Driver
  14. Keepers of Stargates or Portals

After you have analyzed your first set of dreams, thoroughly review all your notes again. Now, analyze all of your significant and not-that-significant dream characters. You will notice that you will now find it easy to start paying attention to the rest of the dream   characters. Create an Excel file with three columns: one column will contain the names of all your dream characters; second column will display the perceived abilities of the dream characters; and the third column will have the entire dream or the hyperlink to that dream. Now, try calling and working with them while keeping their abilities in mind. I promise that this time you are going to have more fun.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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