Detecting Soul As It Leaves the Body

Note: I have high levels of stereodepth vision so all my dreams are vivid and in 3D. I feel that during sleep my body actually goes to places that are found in this or other dimensions. I wake up only to write down explanations in the languages or abilities I have understood so far.

I have always had odd dreams or visions before the deaths of my loved ones simply because I am lucid. Only once I saw something leave my body while I was still awake, resting on bed, and pretty stressed. I feel that people can see other people dying during dreams or while awake because their brains are tuned into different frequencies.

Lucid dreaming is just one explanation of this phenomenon, which makes sense because it is described as an “incredible” ability. Since I am stubborn, I kept researching for more explanations of this spectacular experience. This is when I came across Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov’s profile. He is a Biophysicist who has combined scientific methods with inquiries about souls. The YouTube video “Scientist photographs soul leaving body” shows that Dr. Korotkov has found technology that can display a human soul as it leaves the body. The video also explains that the soul has certain parameters that we humans are still learning about.

When I compared my experiences with Dr. Korotkov’s findings, I recalled that the religion of Islam also teaches us that the human soul leaves the body during night; and if it is not claimed by angels while you sleep, then you will most certainly awaken.

Thank God! My lucid abilities are making more and more sense now. I have now started believing with fresh affirmation that lucid dreamers are so advanced that they don’t need Dr. Korotkov’s GDV device to view souls taking off.  Nevertheless, the GDV device is critical for helping the humans somewhat understand the nature of the human soul. I feel that mankind was created in a deficient manner so that they are never really complete and their technologies, methods, and knowledge are very scattered and incomplete in nature. That’s why Quran states that to understand the Quran (the Holy Book of Muslims), you will have to connect and learn from the current leading experts regardless of their religion or beliefs. There are times when the Quran is somehow describing things that cannot be described until you have the best equipment and technology or unless you are located in the future.

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