Flood, Food, and Mansion

I meditated on the Dark Giant last night. Then, I had a funny dream in the afternoon about excessive rain and flood. I received very creative images of a mansion that’s inhabited by two close friends. One of them is standing near the window and watching the rain change into a flood. The second one is standing at the door and asking her friend permission to run into the flooded courtyard and pick all the fallen veggies and fruits. The storm is so heavy that fruits and vegetables are falling in their courthouse from almost everywhere. This place was very different, and it was longer and gigantic in unusual areas. There was green foliage around the yard of the house these two women lived in as well as their neighbour’s yard. The fruits and vegetables were coloured. A giant purple maroonish eggplant has fallen from somewhere and now it was sitting at the edge of the giant black ceiling boards that were attached to the window sill. A pineapple has also appeared in the courtyard and another round vegetable was flying from the ceiling boards towards the yard. In addition, a large fruit of some sort was now flying from their neighbour’s yard into theirs and the dreamer could clearly see that it was propelled by the flood. The woman who was standing near the door felt excited about this show and wanted to run to snatch all of this good stuff for herself and her buddy; but, a warning ran through her head: What if something fell on your feet or head and broke them? The dreamer woke up feeling happy and sad.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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