I was listening to Tina Turner’s song “Simply the Best” when I realized that it includes excessive praise of the subject. My telepathic mind felt pain of some sort while listening to this song so I started reviewing Tina’s history on Wikipedia. Apparently, she married Ike Turner despite having doubts about all of this and ended up getting abused (see subsection “Ike Turner” under section “Personal Life”). Victims of such cases of domestic abuse usually develop Stockholm Syndrome where the victim praises the captors. This kind of abuse has nothing to do with the victim although the victim might start feeling responsible for her actions if she isn’t implementing Self-Care Plans properly. Nowadays, this kind of abuse is prevalent on all platforms of any given society. More privileged people, especially White men, have better chances of escaping justice because their deeper and more sickening mind game of “Grooming and Abusing” can cause stronger Stockholm Syndrome. Think of all this this way: the shackled victim is loved and abused by the same male who keeps telling her awful lies like “You were okay with this”; “You dig me, don’t you?”; and “You still dig me”—sex traffickers work like this as well. Lyrics of “Simply the Best” reminds me of all this because I sensed something other than what’s intended by this song and because other victims of abuse have told me something very similar.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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