My Inner Self

I am an ENFP just like anime characters Naruto, Gai, and Lee. I am a lucid dreamer, which means that I am like the Indigo children who possess extrasensory perception.   My lucid dreams are an indication that I possess certain abilities that other humans don’t have─this is why I am constantly reviewing books on psychic and supernatural phenomena to learn more about myself.

The Japanese anime, Naruto, actually exaggerates the abilities of indigo children who currently exist on this planet.  For example, anime character Naruto possesses a Nine-Tailed beast called Kurama, which is actually a chakra-based entity.  Similarly, I am the keeper and guardian of the Dark Giant and the rest of my incredible dream characters. I am a very strong empath, which is the reason behind my abilities such as healing; tuning into something else; and, forming brilliant conclusions after critically evaluating presented problems─I don’t find it surprising that I chose to study Philosophy just like Socrates, Ibn Sina, and Carl Jung who were all well-versed in using the dream realm to enhance their IQ and life.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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