Lucid Paintings are Mobile

Note: The badge applies only to my lucid dream, which is described in the emboldened paragraph.

I fell in love with cartoon character Jack Frost, the protagonist of cartoon movie “Rise of the Guardians“. Every time I would see him, I used to feel like I am staring at myself in some ways; he is really that cute. It wasn’t until I completed some self-analysis through my dreams that I realized why I really liked Jack. Jack Frost used to create creative patterns with his staff. During one of my lucid dreams, I created a colourful pattern that was moving vertically from down to up. It looked like a sheet that was mottled with streaks of blue, green, and pink colors. Some patterns were squiggly and long; and, others were round and like vacuoles, with constricted and convulated feather-like protrusions that allowed the opening and closing of the mouths of these objects. I still feel peculiar about this dream; and I have come to believe that perhaps I saw lit and coloured part of ameoba, jellyfish, or coral reef.

Rise of the Guardians” is a massive treat for lucid dreamers because protagonist Jack Frost shares several similarities with lucid dreamers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Jack Frost flies and soars high above scenic land, buildings, and people; just like lucid dreams, the scenes enfold quickly and deliriously during his flight
  • Jack interacts with the Tooth Fairy who is symbolic of the nightmares and creative dreams about teeth, which usually afflict lucid dreamers
  • Jack and the rest of the characters travel through time portals
  • Jack steps out of the lucid window when he breaks through the ice after falling under it
  • Jack is awakened by the moon, which is one of the mightiest source of power of all lucids
  • Jack fights and engages in dialogues and negotiations with the shadow-man a.k.a. Pitch the Boogeyman 
  • Jack is kind like the lucids and believes in self-sacrifice and saving the weak (see pg. 5, section Sacred Dreaming of “Dreaming Together with Wisdom by Kathleen Deignan)”
  • Jack is constantly looking for memories just like the lucids access and play with their past memories
  • Jack flies in the chariot of Santa Claus, which is driven by reindeers and lucid dreamers can make their own animals and play with them
  • In one scene, Jack goes to a village and people seem to walk right through him like he is a ghost; this is symbolic of how lucid dreamers make mistakes in engaging their dream characters in conversation.

Jack shares several other qualities with known lucid dreamers. For instance, he wears a blue hoodie, which is one of my favorite type of clothing─I have two hoodies and both of them are blue. Seriously! watch this cartoon movie and then welcome self-hypnosis as you sleep.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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