Should She Be Placed in Prison for Urinating on Quran?

I am reading the story of Sheila Szmerekova, the woman who tore the pages of the Quran and urinated on them. Her mother commented that her behaviour is erratic because several Romani gypsies raped her when she was really young. I believe her mom simply because mothers don’t usually throw lies that can hurt their daughters’ dignity. I also believe her because I have read about some rape victims and their behaviour seems very chilling to me.

I feel that certain governments including America, Saudi Arabia, and Britain are waging a war on the women. It’s mentioned in several YouTube videos and online articles. Google phrases like “drug abuse+women+jail+America” and “abuse cycle+jail+women+UK”. Across the globe, women are being treated in a very hypocritical manner. People are harsher on women, and they expect too many things from them. For example, 80% of the British female inmates are imprisoned due to non-violent crimes. Once the women have been imprisoned, other forms of abuse may occur including severe sex abuse, gang rapes, drug abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse. After reviewing credible resources, I have come to believe that the White women also suffer from inconsistent behaviour just like the Coloured women do.

I believe that the sentence that was imparted on this young lady is a hoax. It was given just to put her through harsher circumstances. Sure! It was issued to protect the Muslims, but it has nothing to do with the Muslims─I mean, it has nothing to do with the manner of conduct that was gradually taught around 1400 years ago. Muslims follow Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) who used to forgive those wicked pagans who routinely harassed the Muslims and peed inside the prayer area of the (masjids) mosques. You can’t find this version of the Islam unless you have figured how many hate campaigns have been launched to slowly distort the true face and context of Islamic rulings and unless you have realized that some translations of the Quran are actually incorrect; just like me, you won’t be able to figure out the complete version of early Islam due to lack of reliable teachers, inconsistencies caused by wrong translations, lack of group learning, and peer pressure. Sheila Szmerekova isn’t doing anything different than what those pagans were doing; yet, some Muslims on Facebook groups are cheering about her arrest. Despicable!

Six years of imprisonment for sounding insane doesn’t sound right to me simply because the current justice system is more lenient towards rapists. Jailing someone can easily initiate a much harsher drug abuse cycle, which is harder to beat than receiving rehabilitation for vile behaviour and commentary.

Why was Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) so loving and forgiving even towards the worst criminals? Is it because he knew and understood that strict judgements may eventually lead to psychopathic behaviour that would start plaguing the entire globe? Islam spread across the globe not due to cruel punishments but owing to the gentle demeanor of the leaders. I feel that the modern Muslims need to study their earliest leaders in detail so that they may learn and apply their actions, actual intentions, and methods of deriving logic.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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