Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam

I watched the documentary “White Helmets” yesterday night. I was kind of snoozing during some parts of this movie. But, I did catch some stuff that did not make any sense to me.

  1. This group is from Syria where a very humongous conflict is taking place. But all the members of the “White Helmets” were wearing these very crazy-looking and sleek helmets. Why? Why is it that the entire team has such expensive helmets? Rescue workers usually have less budget and thus their uniforms is so so. Uniform is designed to bend minds, which is how perception and understanding can be distorted.
  2. There are no female “White Helmets” who appeared in this movie. Why? In the war zone, people need help. It should be very easy to find and film female rescue workers. Secondly, how is it always possible to rescue women from rubble without aid from other women? Sure! They are just carrying them around but rescue workers also have to provide some medical care. Do you think Syrian women would be comfortable receiving medical care from male rescue workers?
  3. One of the “White Helmets” commented that they have no real training in handling this all. Then why doesn’t this documentary show them cracking out, going “coo coo” while they are talking. It’s a documentary right! I have even read and seen how very strong military men break down like girls due to pressure from war. Why aren’t these men shown in such humiliating and truthful positions or stances? Why isn’t this documentary covering this particular aspect of rescue work. I mean it’s sounding way too neat!
  4. The “White Helmets” are shown driving over to Turkey. The vehicle was filled only with men. And there is no thorough discussion about how they are paying for food and gas.

When I researched them on the net, I found out that they have a heavy web presence including around 10,000 followers on Twitter. Establishing an intimidating presence of such sort requires strong and ongoing financial and physical security. How is that made possible? They say that some Western organizations are supporting them. Sure! If the Western organizations are supporting you, then why did they not film the female White Helmets? They are all pro for Women’s Rights. Getting women on your team should have been an easy task if this wasn’t supposed to be fake.

After feeling exhausted about this review of the “White Helmets”, I found another article titled “Film about White Helmets Wins Oscar Amid Allegations of Terrorist Ties” on It is providing commentary by Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett who traveled to Syria to report that civilians of Eastern Aleppo don’t know about “White Helmets” although “White Helmets” maintain that they are busy rescuing Syrians of Eastern Aleppo. The YouTube video “The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS” shows how the The White Helmets have access to guns and they are facilitating executions.

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