“Less Creative Things” are the building blocks of “More Creative Things”. In the video, “How to Overcome Creative Blocks & Writer’s Block“, Leo discusses some key lessons that every creative artist must learn and realize. For instance, the ups and downs of artists dictates both “less creative” and “more creative” works. Leo also mentions that doing “less urgent” tasks─I believe he meant “less creative” tasks─helps you move your projects further easily.

I have always agreed with Leo on this point. For instance, a portion of my blog is very basic because some of the content is utilizing links and videos while reiterating the points mentioned by someone else. But, this “crappy and unnecessary material” is part of the initial brainstorm─the skeleton that helps the entire body exist and move─for bigger and better pieces that will come later on. The social media platforms are the second “less urgent” and “less creative” part of my writing project. The great thing about stubbornly establishing a social media presence is the new capability of building and expanding a fan and networking base. The third basic part of my approach is the use of less expressive vocabulary. I learned this rule of employing “layman’s terms” while blogging in one of the Online Documentation courses. You can generate more brainstorms this way, and you can also connect to almost anyone without much effort this way. Thus, the more imaginative tasks might still be partially untouched, but all the bare-bones are completely at your disposal.

Isn’t this all very tricky! 🙂

Below, you will see what a less creative discussion might eventually achieve. My knowledge of Philosophy and my ex-fiance’s undying need to improve my writing skills have helped me write this dialogue. My ex-fiance is a Belgian, and I chose to work with him because connecting with other races is a very creative thing to do—he had Dyslexia so I found him very smart, adorable, and easy to understand. Oh! This dialogue isn’t a commentary on Atheism, which I feel is allowed by some religions like Islam. Steven (my ex-fiance) used to defeat me in chess in matter of minutes; and, if you look closely at this dialogue it is abrupt like those games of chess.

Philosopher: You know John Dunphy is a very famous writer who thinks that there is a religion for atheists. Are you stunned?
Average Joe: Oh darn! Does that mean you don’t know…that…hehehe! What? (looks at him doubtfully) Why do you want to know that I am stunned?
Philosopher: Laugh less so that I can explain this to you.
Average Joe: No! I don’t wanna laugh less. What do you mean laugh less? Who are you again?
Philosopher: You know philosophers believe in notions and movements that can vibrate through…
Average Joe: When you say “vibrate through”…I must tell you, there is nothing in my head…hehehe! I think lots of philosophers are just trying to confuse us. But, you got to tell me if “vibrating” is a good or bad word? I mean although I don’t know what it means, I still feel sexually aroused when you say it. What does this kind of sexual arousal mean?
Philosopher: (avoids answering the posed question and changes the topic of their discussion) Every human has another deeper self and thus religion and atheism still tie in.
Average Joe: You mean there are two of you…
Philosopher: (explains in a more understanding tone) You must first understand that philosophy is a motion.
Average Joe: Motion…you mean it causes humans to poo. I am sorry! But, what do you mean by “motion”?
Philosopher: (finally gets confused) Poo! Yeah! Maybe, it does…No! it means…
Average Joe: I got no clue what you are trying to say, poor fellow. But if you want, I can buy your own ripped book and just hold it and look smart. People will think that my Maslow Triangle is fully satisfied and accept me more.
Philosopher: Maslow Triangle! You know about that and you don’t know about atheism. (thinks “how dare you?”) How’s that?
Average Joe: I am not talking to you anymore. I don’t know what this philosophy says, and I don’t want to know. I want to drive my brother’s wagon all day. I will drive it up the hill and then back. Then, I will collect some hats from my neighbors and try selling them for a buck each.
Philosopher: Go away! I don’t know why I am talking to you anyways. I will teach someone else and you shall teach yourself. You have been “punished” simply because you took this book from me. And, its ripped! (slaps his opponent’s fist lightly with a small book and hisses a “hush”)
Average Joe: Man! this dude has lost his nuts. Someone do something….You have wisdom. You have skeleton. And, I have “punishment”. Seriously!
Philosopher: I didn’t mean “punished” as you see it on routine basis…
Average Joe: (relaxes) Ahh! This philosophy thing is sounding too easy. I bet I will look like Socrates when I go around in the market bothering people with whatever I know. I even know some sitting poses that some philosophers perform. But, if I were versed in these positions, then no one would want me as a businessman. I mean how many business professionals have you met who are constantly holding their forehead, head, chin, knees, and God knows what else while thinking or writing. You know, I found philosophers’ pics on the net so now I can sit like this too.
Philosopher: (finally starts feeling puzzled and dismayed) I think I got to run.
Average Joe: (thinks everything is still alright inside the philosopher’s head) Okay! Bye Bye. (there is too much on my mind. Om, Om, Om) How does he talk so much? Oh boy, coy, soy, toy, plow. I think I know as many words as he does. But, what if he is lying? I mean philosophers do all sorts of things. I know they have these silly sitting poses just so that people may feel baffled enough to think that they are “too smart.”
Philosopher: Today I have fallen in love.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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