Always Look Back

Note: This is one of my childhood experiences. None of this fabricated.

When I was a child, I prevented someone from kidnapping one of my siblings. The entire incidence is actually an example of telepathy, which exists between family members and loved ones (Expert Biologist Rupert Sheldrake: article, video). When this incidence occurred, I was in grade 4 or 5. We were returning from school and I had decided to run ahead while my younger brother was still several steps away from me. As I got inside my home, I kept getting a nudge at my heart like something was off.

“Where is my younger brother?” A small voice whispered to me.
I answered it quietly, “He is behind me.”
The voice persisted, “Are you sure?”
I started thinking slowly and then replied, “Let me check.”

Despite being so stressed, I looked back; I felt worried when I couldn’t see my younger brother following me. Then, for some reason I started feeling shaky and ran outside. Then, I got a massive shock. A really old woman was forcibly holding my younger brother’s tiny arm. He was crying for help; and, I got intimidated for a bit. I analyzed the situation immediately and realized that I wouldn’t be able to shake her off. Thus, I ran inside and complained to one of the men who used to work with my parents. He followed me because he knew I was a serious kid who didn’t like to joke around. We were lucky because we got there in time; he held the woman by her arm as he attempted to free my brother. Later, the police was also called as we found out that she was actually trying to kidnap my brother.

More I analyze this situation, more I realize that the voice inside my mind is something different. I have used it several times as an adult as well. Looking back is a philosophy that every human should apply, especially when it comes to watching over their loved ones.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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