Chance or Destined Events?

Note: None of this is fabricated. 

I visited a college today, which was made up of many buildings; thus, it was very confusing to navigate. I walked through the parking lot and got near the map board. The map felt very confusing to me because one can twist the map any way inside one’s head given that one don’t know which way South, North, East, and West are. I decided to walk on the road that was to my left, which is when I met a young man who asked me to help him with the map. He said that he needed to be in Building H and that it was his first time here. I gave it my best shot as I helped him read the map a bit; just like me, he also seemed very confused about the roads. So we decided to walk together on the road that was to the right. For some reason, I decided to follow him although I thought the building I was looking for was on the left. When we finally got to the building he wanted to visit, I decided to visit it as well. To my surprise, the most critical places like the bookstore, Student Association, and Student Campus were in that building. Furthermore, the route to the building I needed to visit was shown with the help of arrows.

Tonight, I feel very blessed when I think about this incidence. I feel puzzled because it feels like a de ja vu where you cannot distinguish between chance or destined events. What puzzles me even further is why I met only this guy and learned about the places that are very important to students. This bizarre event reminds me of the time when I enrolled in a study and eventually received a historical reference letter from University of Toronto’s The Vision Lab.  That momentous day, I just happen to notice the ad for this research study and decided to enroll in it simply because I felt stuck about this ad for some unknown reason. I did not knew too many things about my lucid dreaming abilities; and, I felt very compelled to study lucid dreaming after this odd experience.

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