Dreams with Multiple Meanings

Originally Published On: May 24, 2017

Have you ever received a dream that carries multiple meanings? Perhaps, most or all the dreams are of that nature; but, we are sometimes unaware of that aspect of dreams. Today, I slept in because I was a bit fatigued; and I enjoyed a vivid dream state where I was unable to catch all the details. My lucid dream ran as follows:

I saw a really large building that had lots of windows. There were men and women in that building and one of its female occupants was friends with two guys. They were cheering and hopping inside a room for some reason when this internal pressure broke one of the hands of the Grandfather Clock, which was situated on top of that building. One of the crisp-minded guys eagerly opened the window and jumped outside like a child. The other man jumped outside as well so that he may be able to assist him with this tiresome task; then both of them slowly inched towards the Grandfather Clock by walking on the narrow and long ledge. The first man held one of the hands of the clock, slipped, and then hung in midair with the hand’s help. The people who were standing near the building looked up and saw them throwing this circus. One of the men felt angry and yelled, “Forget it. Forget it. I will fix it. Who cares about the crummy light bulb! Get rid of the light bulb first.” The guy who was hanging by the hand paid heed to this comment; he  snatched a light bulb from near the clock and threw it at the angry man. That rather focused man took the light bulb and trashed it on the street. Then he looked back and shouted, “Who cares! I will get you a new light bulb.” All the characters realized that it was about the light bulb and it was not really about the light bulb.

This is one of those creative dreams that symbolizes many things. The first interpretation is that the dreamer is stressed due to a new idea and thus her mental clock is suffering. The dream characters are indicating that she needs to get rid of an additional light bulb instead of worrying about the pressure on the clock. The second interpretation is that the dreamer is very creative in solving problems and getting rid of one idea only indicates using several more of her creative ideas. The third interpretation is that the dreamer interacted with Time itself and realized that there was someone outside─I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up and found someone working outside my friend’s place.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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