Intuitive Reading: Alan Turing

Originally Published On: Feb 6, 2017

Note: I am psychic because I have high levels of stereodepth (3D) vision and the ability to become lucid during sleep. I think I understand the Alpha state by default, but reviewing the article “The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?” really helps. I do not like “performing” psychic readings a lot─in my mind, “performing” does not include daily occurrences─because sometimes they can get painful. I strongly believe that this psychic state isn’t an indication of prophethood of any sort.  

I am doing Anna Sayce’s course because an old friend of mine once noticed my psychic abilities and asked me to learn this technique fully. I reviewed Alan Turing’s face today. I was a bit tired so I did really little work. Perhaps, I am not fully interested in doing all of this “sharpen your intuitiveness” thing, but I definitely feel curious about this all. As expected, my results were very scary. If you keep opening this “I need to know” cue during your dreams, you will also become a bit like me.

This is what I wrote before I reviewed the results:

  • View on life isn’t firm – Hazy!
  • I feel I can’t trust him
  • Calculative
  • Cold
  • He is like Tesla. Yes!
  • Not quite criminal
  • Married? He liked the girl somewhat
  • Quiet type- not always speaking; perhaps he was a bit reserved
  • Cheater? Been in trouble for something

The man in the photo is Alan Turing. After reviewing the results offered by Anna Sayce, I realized the following:

  • His view on life is hazy because he is young; he has an uncertainty about him; and he was living in a society that was going through World War II.
  • I can’t trust him because he is very calculative and busy with inventing things. He would have less time to bond with anyone who is outside his circle. He has a certain coldness about him that’s difficult to decipher. He can cause confusion about himself among certain people. These are the rest of my thoughts about the phrase, “I can’t trust him.”
  • He is like Tesla because he is a Mathematician and he invented the codebreaking machine
  • While doing the test, I just heard a rash voice saying “cheater.” I got confused and wrote this down. Perhaps, it is referring to his lack of taste in the subjects that were usually taught in the classroom; or perhaps, it is referring to how he got engaged to a woman and ended up having an affair with a man.

During the test, I heard small voices and my answers lacked detailed descriptions. Sometimes it works this way and other times it works just a bit differently─on some occasions, pictures play inside my mind; and, other times I can dream an answer. One of the aunts of my mother possessed these abilities as well. I feel a bit frightened when I attempt all of this, but it usually works out. I believe these abilities are genetic to some extent.

Signed: Fractal a.k.a. Arzoo

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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