Producing Creative Drafts

Dreams and writing have significant number of overlaps. Both are very creative processes and both require effort and understanding. Writers create first, second, and third drafts; discard several pieces of their written material; finalize their works alone or with the help of other writers or editors; and compose pieces that belong to different genres. Its a laborious and complex process, which a lot of us find arduous but attractive. Lucid dreams are the similar in this manner. Dreamers generate their first drafts while asleep; combine multiple dreams into one piece or publish the dream as it was originally conceived; acquire new dreaming techniques by collaborating with dreamers and researchers; and use multiple techniques to ensure that their minds don’t feel bored due to a limited number of techniques. Both writing and dreaming are examples of psychic phenomenon. How do you think great writers end up creating series of novels? How can they think so much? And, how do you think dreamers can dream of so many different things without being conscious in the sense of being awake? In conclusion, that irritating itch to keep writing can be enhanced considerably by combining waking moments with the distinguishing truths of the dreamscape.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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