Removing Evil Spirits and Witchcraft

Originally Published On: March 9, 2017

Evil spirits can be easily conjured during the day and night; this, I think, excludes the Dark Shadows you receive during sleep because they are under your control and not necessarily evil. I learned my lesson about spirits the hard way. Once, I heard a real story where a family was placed under the influence of Witchcraft and abused; another time, I kind of messed with the spirit world while awake and without fully realizing this ability. This is the day I decided not to experiment any further although I do not mind reading about all of this.

I have never been able to be fully scared of spirits. As a Muslim, I have been taught that bad spirits can be controlled. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was also placed under a strong spell, which was later removed with the help of the members of his community. This is an unbelievable story of a man who lived in a different era and was bound by an entirely different set of societal norms. But, witchcraft and bad spirits still exist; and, the knowledge of how to deal with them is lacking compared to what was known in the ancient world. For instance, see this horror movie “Jinn” where a spirit tries to ruin the lives of its victims.

In the case of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), the Muslims recited the “four Quls” and perhaps “Aayat-ul-Qursi” as well to remove witchcraft and magic. These meditations or prayers from the Quran are designed to ward off evils of the spirit world. It pays to know all of this whether you are lucid or not. If you don’t trust what I just told you, listen to Rosemary E Guiley.

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