Self-Hypnosis through Lucid Dreaming

Self-hypnosis helps you recover from traumatic injuries and improves your mental and physical abilities; and lucid dreaming provides exactly that within an environment that’s very similar to virtual reality. Hence, I have always possessed a fresh mindset and the ability to laugh lightly like a real “fairy”─that’s why I am nicknamed “fairy” by my family members. Lucid dreaming makes you self-aware and grants you control over your will and manner through hypnotic trances that are activated through auto-suggestion. That’s how I have not only been able to write more creatively but I have also been successfully recovering from any past wounds. I feel lucid dreaming can help you overcome many challenges from which you might otherwise be tempted to run away.

For instance, in one of my lucid dreams I learned how to spar with a martial artist; and, I realized that he was fit enough to break my body somehow. Thus, I learned how to assess my sparring partner’s physical strength while I am awake. In another dream, I learned how to hurt the groin of my male martial artist dream character. This is a move that I have abstained from using in real life because of the fact that it is psychologically challenging.

Next I will share a great story that would help you understand the importance of Lucid dreams. One of my female relatives is a Gynaecologist; and, I have spent quite some time near the operating room where deliveries were taking place. I used to get scared when I would hear women scream with pain while they went through labour. It all felt very frightening and nerve-wrecking even after my relative explained to me what was going on. When I grew much older, I once dreamt of delivering a baby. In this dream, I was sitting near a woman who was in the process of delivering her baby; and, gently massaging her stomach and arm while talking to her. Another dream character was helping with the delivery. I could see the baby come out of her body; for some reason, I did not feel any fear. After having this lucid dream, I started feeling better control over my fear of deliveries.

In conclusion, lucid dreaming helps you alter your mind and life in a healthy manner.

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