Spirit Attachment

Originally Published On: March 9, 2017

Note: This is entirely true. None of this has been fabricated. King Solomon used to use and monitor all sorts of spirits. Lucid dreamers definitely have some sort of overlap with this King. But, most of us don’t know how to fully utilize a summoned spirit. Of course, we can utilize spirits only partially for now. But, who exactly is this beckoned spirit? That I really don’t know fully yet. As a teenager, I used to play with the Ouija board─in a group setting, of course. Some spirits we called were very mild mannered and obedient and others were rash. The rash ones wouldn’t leave even when we asked them to leave, but they wouldn’t harm anyone. When I moved to Ottawa, I spoke with a White Canadian male Spiritualist who told me how his group used Ouija board to call a spirit and the spirit became physically violent. I can’t believe my luck that I actually ran into these guys.

On two separate occasions, two very gifted members of my family complained about their very sickening dreams. Some months ago, my mom confided in me about seeing a dream about a short and stout woman who was after me for some reason. She did not tell this to anyone else except me. Just today, my sister also secretly told me about three lucid dreams she had concerning me. In one dream, she saw a short woman staring at me. She said that the woman is evil and that she was only focusing on me to bug me. I felt a bit frightened when I heard my sister’s dream because it sounded like my mom’s dream.

So here is my side of the story. I have several explanations of this phenomenon.

  1. I had edited a picture of mine to make it look scary. There is an effect in one of the iPad applications that twists the face a bit and puts hair on the face so that it looks like an entity. I spent a lot of time playing with and thinking about that picture. I was puzzled about how this could have done anything; so I researched the net and found out that lucid dreamers can create dreams by using visualization techniques.
  2. I am a fan of scary stories. One story that my mom passed to me was the story of a haunted room from where the sounds of drums and songs used to come. When people would go inside the room, it would be always be empty. I heard this story when I was a teenager. Just some months ago, I thought of having fun with the concept of how spirits get attracted to dancers. I danced in front of my mirror and then I beckoned the spirits of that room to come to me.
  3. I suffered from mild abuse from a short stout woman at work.
  4. I have been playing with Carl Jung’s “The Red Book”. He had a very abusive and controlling mom who was also short and stout. I read how Carl was abused by his mom, and thus I decided to dislike that woman.

My family members started having disturbing dreams after all of these incidences. They never knew about my experiences, and I felt forced to reveal these experiences after they told me about their dreams. I personally feel that I have attracted some sort of evil spirit to this world unconsciously or it could be just a dream signal of some sort—if its just a psychic signal, then that makes sense because a lot of my psychic signals are based on bonding. I am not feeling concerned although I am a bit spooked. What exactly is the spirit planning to do? I am sure that if I don’t channel into it, it will leave on its own.

In another lucid dream, I clearly saw a naked girl was wandering in our house; she seemed very distraught. When I woke up, I started scanning my Facebook account to see if it was a message from someone I know. Pretty soon, I found out that an acquaintance of mine was being harassed. I emailed some helpful content to her and also messaged one of her friends to get help for her.  The naked female dream character disappeared soon afterwards.

These experiences have taught me that gifted people can attract negative and positive energies very fast. For example, Psychic Anna Sayce actually mentions that protecting oneself from bad spirits involves avoiding abusive individuals and being careful about whom to channel with.

In conclusion, I feel that I will have to rinse my soul with some prayers and ask for God’s protection to remove any negative forces like the one mentioned while discussing the first incidence—if you are surprised at my conclusions, think like a medium or an energy sponge.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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