Independent Learning

I am learning Twitter on my own. I AM ON MY OWN, which means that I am learning independently.  I had a Facebook account before; but I deleted it because it was causing too much pressure. It says FACEbook, which means “Your Face”, “Your Personal Life”, and “Your book or Private Diary”. That’s what it spells inside my mind. Well! the name of this utility is very psychological. Another thing that bothered me was that Facebook requested private government ID from a friend of mine to reactivate his account. I checked on the net, and found out that this weird policy is now affecting lots of independent businesses and professionals. I strongly believe that a social networking platform has no right to request this sort of information under any given circumstances. That’s why I deleted my Facebook. It’s useless!

I am finishing tutorials on Twitter, and I have also bought the PRO version of the Twitter application UpContent. From here onwards, its going to be a slow push in the right direction. Just like a mother delivers a baby, I shall publish my first book.

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