Publication of My First Book

Originally Published On: Dec 23, 2016

I just removed some of my written content from both of my blogs because I am revisiting all of this. I intend to publish my poetry and prose together. As I launch on this heavy task, I am thinking back to how some poets rewrite their poems 100 times before they submit it for publication. Nice strategy!

Writing channels thoughts effectively and therapeutically, but all writers and poets must learn to walk the complete cycle, which includes the following:

  1. Studying courses like English, Philosophy, and Sociology
  2. Creating first drafts or final copies
  3. Performing for the public
  4. Establishing reliable connections
  5. Building an online presence
  6. Reviewing first set of drafts (includes adding new content like stronger vocabulary or relevant literary devices)
  7. Publishing the first book
  8. Selling your first book through online and offline marketing
  9. Repeating all of these steps for the next set of books

The way I perceive these steps is that they are actually designed to create new streams of thoughts that will channel the creation and publication of the next set of books. Most importantly, the publication of the first book will allow me to outline the next set of required steps, such as enrolling in specific courses, brainstorming or revisiting information needed for any upcoming books, and composing the second book. Remember that if you wish to be recognized or well-respected, then you must complete all of these steps.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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