Selling Your First Book

Originally Published On: Mar 8, 2016

Selling your first book isn’t an easy task because during this trial you will be initiating a new learning phase. Most of the writers are afraid of this first step because they are afraid of failures or competition─in case of good writers, the winners might be just kissing up to the norms blindly. This makes sense to me because being able to compete and become famous means having connections. There are several writers like me who shy away from high-level connections because they don’t feel they need them to prove their intellect or abilities─this is a type of truth that is shown inside Philosophy classrooms where we are taught that “recognition” and “self-respect” are different from “fame.” In reality, you might see that most of your high-level connections are more stripped of realities like the actual psychology of women simply because they are too busy signing contracts and becoming wealthy. For instance, I worked part-time to create this blog and my first book. During this time, I did not earn much; but, I felt very satisfied with my performance and drive. Furthermore, I was concerned with learning the realities behind abused women so I volunteered for a charity organization for free. But, if I were super-busy just loading my bank account with cash, then all these grander things were going to get drained in sewers─I mean, no one wants to help abused women or writers who need to do their own thing for a while. I am lucky because I know that that being away from work allows for more wandering, which is what increases your IQ at the end.

I thought today about how to sell my first book, which is currently being run through a very comprehensive editing phase. Nothing much came to my mind except for these very basic principles of entrepreneurship─remember that no one has mentored or taught me entrepreneurship, and I have been navigating mostly on my own. The correct concept is to identify the concerned niches where people will be more willing to purchase your book. If you think strongly, you will first notice some niches and then several sub-niches. For example, sub-niche “childhood trauma” goes with niche “abused women”. Write all these niches and sub-niches on paper and then use to navigate to pertinent groups. Use these groups to align yourself with professionals who are willing to work closely with you. The second notion is to sell where you have already sold something before. Write down the names of all of your friends and trustworthy contacts. You will be emailing these guys and gals to ask them to spread the word about your published work. Third princips requires becoming mighty and credible by using reliable resources to establish yourself as an expert. Fourth idea is to ring through the hearts of the rest of your kind by establishing yourself on multiple social media platforms─shake as many hands as possible and keep sharing the information about your book. There are more and more of these concepts, and you can clearly understand them after completing a course or reading a book on entrepreneurship. As you learn how to professionally present yourself and material to the desired audience, remember to stay away from false friends─smarter brains can feel very shut down when they are surrounded with false friends.

Remember as you walk on the road your mind has somehow crafted, you will feel more determined to give less and less attention to your foes. Please throw their words or sayings in a flush right now and move on─I will be very glad if you followed my advice.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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