Deciding Whom to Marry

I am writing this post to answer a critical questions some friends of mine posed: Whom would I marry? Very frankly, I don’t know yet because this seems like a very challenging question. I get so confused about this question because I am afraid of running into a bad relationship and because relationships with close friends or family members have always felt very overwhelming to sensitive individuals like me. 

To overcome my anxiety about this task, I completed some quizzes. As an ENFP, my best matches are as follows:

INTJs (Personality Relationships, Playbuzz)
ENTJs (Playbuzz)
ENTPs (Playbuzz)
INTPs (Playbuzz)
INFJs (Personality Relationships)

WOAH! Isn’t this more overwhelming now. I mean that’s how many type of guys I have to sort through (cries: wwaahh, wwaahhh, wwaahhh). Its great that I am an Empath, which means that I am one of the best relationship partner. I know that my empathy will help me sort through properly!

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