Recently, I met a very inspiring Pakistani woman who has not only been motivating to connect with more people but has also attempting to find the right guy for me. She is really sweet and open-minded like me. I am writing this post to answer some critical questions she and some other friends of mine posed. Whom do I marry? Very frankly, I don’t know yet because this seems like a very challenging question. I get so confused about this question because relationships with close friends or family members have always felt very overwhelming to sensitive individuals like me. 

To overcome my anxiety about this task, I compelted some quizzes. As an ENFP, my best matches are as follows:

INTJs (Personality Relationships, Playbuzz)
ENTJs (Playbuzz)
ENTPs (Playbuzz)
INTPs (Playbuzz)
INFJs (Personality Relationships)

WOAH! Isn’t this more overwhelming now. I mean that’s how many type of guys I have to sort through (cries: wwaahh, wwaahhh, wwaahhh). Its great that I am an Empath, which means that I am one of the best relationship partner. I know that my empathy will help me sort through properly!


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