Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Originally Published On: Jan 20, 2017

Note Added on Feb. 15, 2017: This post was originally written in Jan 20, 2017. I was interviewed in early Feb 2017 by a male. I got rejected because I had applied to a senior position on purpose. Furthermore, my dad also fell ill in Feb 2017. After going through all of this, I felt compelled to review this dream. The voice in my dream baffled me on purpose and told me that Carl is somehow present there. I felt so convinced that I thought I was looking at Carl Jung himself. Was Carl there in spirit form and telling me about my upcoming ordeals or was this dream signal actually an indication of some sort of overlap between Carl Jung, my father, and the interviewer? 

Note Added on Sep 21, 2017:  I am an ENFP; and, thus I am somehow linked to INFJs like Carl Jung. I realized that perhaps Carl Jung is now a permanent aspect of my dream world simply because I have blindly realized some of his mental anagrams by reading The Red Book. I must comment that my 3D dreams become very vivid and detailed after I review The Red Book. This is because it contains lines and patterns of some sort that induce and improve lucid dreams. I haven’t formally studied psychology and so I don’t know what The Red Book means. But, my dreams definitely improve every time I lazily browse some of this unbelievable document–this happens even if I am just looking over the images. Now, I believe that this indicates that you are supposed to read, review, and understand any sort of material written or created by those who somehow complement your personality style. Lastly, you will feel very surprised that I have always been attracted to fairies and jinn; and Jungian Psychology provides a very strong interpretation of that world.

Like Carl Jung, I have a strong fascination towards subjects that require investigation such as Psychology. Last night, I fell asleep while thinking of calling a Jinn or Spirit to help me write through dreams. My dreams were very weird after this and occurred at a fast rate despite my high stress levels. Although I was unable to remember all the details when I woke up, I still recalled some significant details. This dream ran as disconnected snippets, which occurred due to my existing stress. In one snippet, I strongly felt that I saw Carl Jung and I also felt like he was expecting me. Maybe, I felt like this because of the match in our belief in the overlap of the supernatural with this world as well as our existing knowledge.

Carl Jung sat on a seat that was placed inside a large and deserted room. There was no one else there except for him. He was tall and had the ability to beckon any soul towards him with ease. I examined him from far away. Soon, I realized that he was not alone at all. I first SAW a smell of some sort; then I thought I saw some sort of dark presence wrapped around him; as I stared further, the dark presence moved a little and whiffs of rotten smell spanned across the room and reached me. Carl remained unmoving towards this presence as my head started whirling at how strong and strange that smell was. I also felt some sort of creative music and solitude in his kind presence. I woke up soon after this; and, I felt that if I had the strength and courage to go near him, he would have started talking like the rest of my dream characters.

Perhaps, these are my overall feelings about him; but, I must comment that both of these presences felt very real and independent of me. What was that dark presence? Is it death, an angel, stress, illness, or creativity? This is why I strongly feel that I have seen the real Carl Jung and not just a memory. Remember that memories are the gateway to the rest of lucid realities.

In conclusion, I feel that he is somewhat safe to proceed with as a spirit. Last time, I ended up having more creative dreams as I fell asleep with Carl’s “The Red Book” near my pillow. On two separate occasions, I felt a vile presence near me while I slept with his book near me; this presence was overbearing, strong, and usually easy to control although sometimes I find it too difficult to handle. That was one reason why I returned this book to the library. The presence ceased to exist after the book was returned. Even after these experiences, I feel that Carl Jung was a very strong spirit who knew how to laugh and share his experiences while managing his two personalities. I still don’t fully know what that dark presence that had wounded itself around Carl Jung was; I strongly feel that Carl had played with both good and evil spirits.

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