Dancing Children

Originally Published On: Apr 23, 2017

Note: I had a very lengthy lucid dream last night. It was so funny that you have no idea whatsoever. The badge applies only to the first paragraph. 

Note (added on Sep 22, 2017):  I have been experimenting with my tummy a bit before falling asleep. Before going to sleep, I hold my tummy and will myself to listen to the voices of my future children. Then, I get lucid dreams about children.  In some dreams, my siblings come back as children so that I may take care of them. Those are my best moments.

I went inside a house that had perhaps far too many candles lit some time in the past, and hence it had somewhat smoky atmosphere. It was kind of dark and lit at the same time. Therefore, I felt a little doubtful as I sat near a fat woman who was seated on a narrow sofa; she started talking in an encouraging tone while holding a child in her lap. All of a sudden, her child fell on the floor and then she changed into a young girl─all this really felt as spectacular as a genie’s shape shifting. The girl started dancing in front of me and then unexpectedly three older girls started peeking at us from the staircase. Then they all startled us even further by running towards us, standing in a queue, and then dancing rather wildly. They seemed very disciplined and their intention was to dance so that I may react with joyous laughter. I felt a bit alarmed because the young girls somehow seemed dazed about something and there was a strong sense of ritual to their dance─one of the older girls actually looked like someone I had met recently.

I often receive dreams that are about children, and I am usually playing games with them or taking care of them. I feel these might be angels; actual children; genie children; or some aspects of myself.

I thought about what this dream actually means, and I couldn’t figure anything out. So I went to Dream Moods and found the following possible interpretations:

  • Girl shows the feminine qualities of your character
  • To dream about a girl that you just met represents your anxieties and thoughts of whether you had made a good impression on her and what she thought of you
  • To dream that someone is dancing signifies freedom from any constraints and restrictions
  • To see children dancing in your dream indicates a happy home life
  • To see ritualistic dancing in your dream denotes your need to get in touch with the spirit within

Sources: Dream Signal Girl and Dance.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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