Note: The idea behind “Leading By Example” project is to offer a donation whenever I can to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or person of my choice. This program is designed to provide an example to everyone about how to offer charity regularly. Whether this task is conducted on monthly or yearly basis really depends on where you are in your career or how much struggle you are up against. But, even then the donations should be routinely provided through this method─remember, even a warm smile is considered a donation because it improves the minds. Oh! I learned all this through Islam. Kindly follow these footsteps to lead the rest.

See the rest of the examples under the category Leading By Example.

We Are Fractals” is a writing group that is designed specifically for the women. Since I have been running the Buddy Program for some years now, I know some challenges Canadian women are facing.

Currently, the We Are Fractals team has two writers and one painter─all of their content is being protected with the help of a legal agreement. We will start out by creating creative pieces like short stories, poetry, or novels together. We will choose and design our curriculum, train each other, and use Google Docs for collaboration. We will publish our collaborative pieces and gain recognition together. The mission is to create several pieces, especially short stories on women abuse, misogyny, and cultural thoughts and beliefs. This is how we will guarantee to construct a safe space for women who are handling physical, domestic, or financial issues.

The inspiration behind this project is drawn from three core ideas: talented female authors like JK Rowling are strategically being discouraged and blocked from publishing early; small presses are helping more women enter the world of publishing so that they may reverse a trend that’s keeping talented women bare of experiences and monetary gain; and Obama’s female staffers could make their voices heard only after they amplified each other’s response.

I hope to provide an excellent example to everyone; and I hope to make a difference in the lives of the women.

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