Originally Published On: Dec 18, 2016

Note: This commentary is a response to the YouTube video “Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada“. Please click through all the links and review all the associated articles. Otherwise, don’t read any of this because its not going to make any sense. Also note that the Western media mostly hires White people because this way coloured individuals cannot pinpoint to an issue, and only the White community members appear as saviors─just like Hollywood, this is an example of the White Saviour Complex.

I just watched horrible commentary by Ezra Levant that linked a despicable crime like rape to Islam. This video fails to mention four very critical aspects of Islam:

  1. Islam utilizes the testimony of women to punish rapists but some current so-called Islamic governments fail to implement this ruling.
  2. Rape is not acceptable even if you are looking at slaves. I am under the impression that the earliest Muslims were allowed to marry slaves but only after receiving consent and offering mahr (money offered by the groom to the bride). These marriages were offered as deception to the society so that eventually the slaves can be freed and empowered─remember that this society required slavery and its members would have gladly killed those who tried to openly abolish it. Hence, a deception was offered; and slowly the idea was implemented so that slave masters started freeing slaves in very large numbers.
  3. Slavery was slowly abolished by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) as he offered a great example to the rest by granting the slave women he married freedom, status, and rights; and, as he employed freed slaves as independent leaders of his society. Do you think that Prophet Mohammad (we are now told this man is a captor) would have been able to stand up against those slaves whom he himself freed after granting them freedom, respect, and independence? One such very popular example is the leader Bilal. If there is one such man, then there were more and more such women and men.
  4. Islam encourages Muslims to seek assistance from investigators and lawyers by using any governing law (such as Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism) given that those are their authorities. (What if this ruling is useless now because Muslims are being heavily profiled not only in North America but also in other parts of the world?)

You can verify my comments by talking to exceptionally educated Imams or Muslim or by thoroughly reviewing the original Islamic literature.

The speaker cries “Islamic rape slavery” has come to Canada now. But, rape slavery was already in Canada and the rest of the West; and, rape or slavery have nothing to do with Islam─Islam makes the women free in so many ways; e.g., I broke my first and second engagements because I wasn’t interested in those candidates and because Islam grants me this right. Blackmailing commentary like the above is clearly an attempt to brainwash masses who don’t know much about Islam so that people may start believing that Islam is a cruel religion that seeks to oppress women and children. Showcasing Muslim men as violent and numb is the same as when Joseph Conrad shows Africans as having no ability to speak or worthy of only being chained. The phrase “Islamic rape slavery” is just like the statements that are issued by some journalists who substitute the word “rape” with “affair”.

Then, Ezra brings a second case where a gang of British-Pakistani Muslim men got away with raping 1400 white girls for a period of 16 years. He further comments that they got away because they were Muslims. Honestly! There is no point in deluding the audience like this. Perhaps, you don’t want them to know that British, America, United Kingdom, and Canada all have their own versions of child abuse and sex slavery. Here are some interesting articles that should clarify how the elite including politicians and military personnel are participating in such abuse. But, this usually does not get caught or gets caught with lots of difficulties because the abusers are rich, famous, and “the best”.

Behind Anonymous’s Operation to Reveal Britain’s Elite Child-Rape Syndicate

This article shows how Scotland Yard found out that the British VIPs were involved in the rape and murder of young boys.

Child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom

According to this article, child sex abuse in the United Kingdom involves popular entertainers, politicians, military personnel, and other officials.

Power, Pedophilia, and the US Government

This article shares the fact that pedophilia sex scandals involve the highest levels of elite including US presidents and the British royal family.

‘Sex slaves are on every street in Britain’

In Britain, young girls who don’t know anything about concepts like “PTSD” or “Stockholm Syndrome” are thrown in the world of sex trafficking by boys and men who know grooming and abuse. The gifting and incidence parts of the abuse cycle keep the victims quiet for very long periods like several years.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in Canada

Sex trafficking is a hidden crime in Canada. Only recently, the Toronto police has started a serious campaign to handle this issue. The Mantle Thought has also brought this issue up.

‘Invisible War’ Shines Light on Rape in the Military

You can find tons and tons of articles and documentaries about how the Canadian and American militaries are sometimes hiding stories of rape.

What Lies Beneath the Robes: Are Buddhist Monasteries Suitable Places for Children?

Rape of children takes place at some Buddhist monasteries; and, thus it is safe to conclude that Buddhist men and women are also at risk of being raped given that they are visiting a monastery of concern. There are times when raped children grow up to become rapists too. Is this Buddhist monk rapist a rape victim too or is he a full-fledged psychopath or sociopath?

The evidence for such cases are hard to find because really less number of individuals end up reporting this kind of crime; there is a stronger hush code; or people don’t know about signs of rape and abuse. One only needs to watch cases of Linda Lovelace and Samantha Geimer to see how easy it is to hide evidence as well as confuse victims to cooperate. In both cases, the attackers were White men namely Chuck Traynor and Roman Polanski respectively. They were both very difficult to catch: Traynor was receiving support from a lawyer who hid details of the abuse and Polanski was arrested after 31 years.

I believe sex slavery and rape are linked to domestic abuse, societal abuse, and neglect as well as other ignored issues like prostitution and pornographyquite frankly, most of the humans who are currently living on Planet Earth may not possess sufficient knowledge of the real psychology of men and women simply because their mental schemas are being gravely altered with the help of the movies and porn. The issue of sexual abuse must be addressed as something that is ailing any given society and not just an Islamic society.

Saying all this, I must comment that everyone must stop attacking Islam. These attackers and abusers are wasting my time and life. I don’t want to be sitting on the computer 24/7 and handling issues like these when I can go out and party with my friends. People who are lying about Islam should be sued for defaming Islam; creating hate crimes; and, wasting the money of their governments that’s used to stop hate crimes─QUIT RUNNING IN CIRCLES.

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