The Classic Delete Key

Narcissists have a very specific way of addressing all the victims, which includes loving and putting down at the same time. They also gaslight and abuse people right in front of others so that others may feel scared and abused─why do you think that some parents can silence every sibling by shunning only one kid? In addition, they can get the humans emotions become sticky very fast so that the emotions start gliding this way and that way. Thus, lots of odd commentary comes out of the victims’ mouth, which are usually the things that the victims do not believe in. This happens because the victims have been brainwashed, and this brainwashing can go to the extent of making the victims gradually turn into criminals─do you realize why there is a knife in the hands of Gaslight’s heroine, Ingrid Bergman? Narcissistic manipulation is how the victims start taking responsibility of the actions that they didn’t quite perform; think that the crimes of the narcissistic abusers are due to them; or end up doing something their minds cannot fully commit to. A lot of teachers, lecturers, politicians, business professionals, and managers are actually brutal narcissists who are not there to get your point─only some of them are harmless narcissists. They can even switch to your side after showing that they hate you a lot, which is how they keep you very quiet and shunned. Rule of the thumb is never to share any warmth with a narcissist; always communicate from a distance; and, with thorough intellect, breadth, and depth─do you notice that certain comments that are issued by exceptional narcissists don’t have anything vital attached to them except the intention to shift blame. Politicians who are highly narcissists can easily cause massive conflicts like World Wars─see Noam Chomsky’s warning about Trump─and nobody realizes how to mend things because almost everyone can become their puppets. Trump is actually isolating America and making it look like that the world loves this manner of protection. This is why less people are fully realizing that the wall that’s built around Mexico and the collection of the social media information are both examples of the classic DELETE key that narcissists use to trap emotions. Such emotions may easily lead to decisions that the victims would never have otherwise agreed upon. If you analyze the online news properly, you will find several attackers who attacked the Muslims and later apologized for that because they realized that something new has been added to their brains. Its really not the attackers’ fault simply because Narcissistic abusers can play two distinct people, which is the Good Cop Bad Cop routine that can create false confessionsevil narcissists are the masterminds of the rape culture. RUN AWAY or FIGHT BACK if you come across such evil narcissists because they can keep you in the dark for several years or an entire lifetime until you realize what is actually going on and decide to keep your distance.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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