Abstract Psychic

Note: The technique described below works because I have used this method a couple of times. In this technique, the psychic uses metaphors or figures to create a mental picture without looking at it. 

She was watching a movie and writing in her notepad. Without warning, her mind started singing, “I want a yellow candy.” She looked up and was slightly shocked to notice that some part of the sword a character was holding in his hand was yellow. She attempted to ignore this ability and zoned out to finish some writing. Several minutes passed by and soon she was nodding with sleep. Then, she felt several butterflies singing and flying on her tummy, “We are tall and many in number.” Her vibe and soul tickled and resonated upon being touched by an invisible force. Feeling teased, she looked up only to catch a glimpse of several towers in the trailer of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. “Oh God! I have to close the browser and take some rest before I start finishing another notepad,” she told herself. But, her anomalous mind was now trapped in something even more peculiar. She now felt like a bug that was constantly banging herself against something rock solid, something that was both open and close, and something that required a lot of effort to get through. During this navigation, she could feel herself vibrating and echoing through multiple walls while friction scratched her mind as she understood that she was now trapped inside an “invisible labyrinth.” “Where is this coming from?” she questioned herself as she browsed through all the open tabs. To her surprise, an online ad that was flashing in one of the open tabs was displaying the picture of a labyrinth puzzle. She smiled at this abstract association and switched off her laptop.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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