I Write Like

If you wish to understand your writing style, then you should create some content while awake or sleep. When his arduous task is complete─all this is strenuous for the mind  because finding dream content requires relaxing my body and mind─use I Write Like to figure out which author you sound more closer to. Then, borrow some of their books from the library and read them slowly. Most certainly, you will fall deeper in love with them.

Below, I have mentioned some writers whose writing style should be easier for me to learn and apply. Oh! I haven’t quiet read all of these writers in detail, but the patterns are still there by default─most of these writers aren’t mentioned in my list of favorites.

David Foster Wallace

Scent-Based Telepathy
Parabola and Time Travel
Vague Sentences are More Creative
Energy Enhancement – Part 1
Vibe Size
Creating Murder Mysteries through Dreams
My Sex Partner

Vladimir Nabokov

Abstract Psychic

Chance or Destined Events?
I Daydream Often
Ordinary Magical Objects
Dream Character: Dark Giant
Beckoning the “Dark Giant”
The Gift
Energy Enhancement – Part 2
3–4 AM
Heaps of Snow
Understanding the Two Selves

Leo Tolstoy

Something Watches Over Her

Arthur Conan Doyle

Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Stephen King

Attachment Among Lucid Dreamers
Average Joe and Cop
Always Look Back
Dreams with Multiple Meanings
About my Upcoming Novel “Land of Arwah”

Anne Rice


H.G. Wells

Lucid Paintings are Mobile
Flood, Food, and Mansion
Lucid Stargate

James Joyce

Politician and Average Joe
Average Joe

Cory Doctorow

Bonding and Psychic Phenomena

Arthur Clarke

Jinn and Lucid Dreaming
An Enigma: Realm of Jinns and Lucid Dreamers

Harry Harrison

Glowing Hands

Margaret Atwood


Charles Dickens

True Friends
The Kid

Dan Brown

Bow of Theseus

J.K. Rowling

Knights of the Flying Carpet

James Fenimore Cooper

The Moment

Edgar Allan Poe

Seeing the Mystical

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