One of the methods for multiplying my psychic abilities is to hang out with other psychics. I have tried this a couple of times and have recorded real activity inside my mind, which can sometimes happen from quite some distance. I haven’t professionally documented these incidences, but I might do so in the future.

Here is one dream that I had while I synced with someone I have briefly known and just happened to like a lot. She is a psychic who receives vibes, thoughts, and dreams when something significant is about to happen. Ever since I met her, I have been receiving very detailed, relieving, and wonderful dreams. Furthermore, during the dreams that I have learned to associate with her, I encounter a smell of some sort that’s not really a smell but a vibe with some sort of ability. So far, the dreams have shown me mansions or very large houses that are filled with people who are always eating all sorts of superb foods. I have been trying these foods during the dreams, and I have found the details of these dreams to be very queer and relevant. For instance, the smell or vibe is weirdly familiar, and it is sometimes present during the day just before I am supposed to meet her.

I am planning to slowly teach her how to become lucid because my investigations have convinced me that it will be much easier to teach her how to become better at lucid dreaming.

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