Scent-Based Telepathy

My psychic body becomes like a dark illuminating candle in the night. I usually fall asleep after listening to the hypnotizing music that comes out of my body. This is how I slowly learned what scent-based telepathy meant (also learn content produced by Rupert Sheldrake). Because I have always felt very close to my body and scent, it has always been easy for me to connect to those I love simply by using the scents of their bodies and minds─even time travel that occurs during my lucid dreams carries those kinds of scents. This is why telepaths require strong bonding, love, and safety as they read the rest.

Dreams and telepathic experiences occur regardless of skin, culture, or ethnic differences. For instance, I once dreamt that I was traveling with a close Canadian friend of mine and some months later we did leave unexpectedly to visit another city. In another dream, I saw my French-Jamaican friend playing on slides; and, later I found out that she was away on vacations. Sometimes, I even get dreams signals from the cats with whom I have fallen in love. For instance, once I saw them in my dream some months before my friends who owned these cats actually visited. Can you see now how beautiful telepathy feels? You can even dream of your best idols and heroes if you wish to given that he or she is someone you wish to be very close to. You see the glowing man from my blog post “Bow of Theseus” is actually an American writer whom I admire and respect. But the best part is when you can dream of your siblings because of this phenomenon. I even sleep well when I am thinking of my siblings; and, I feel that I can almost smell them while sleeping on my bed. Lastly, my mind and even my ears react to the presence of my loved ones. For example, I sometimes sit near the door around 10–15 minutes before my friends show up.

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