Creating Plots and Subplot

I slept last night after rubbing my imaginary ring (totem) on my finger, thinking about some of my favorite writers, and my upcoming novel Saryan. I became lucid slowly during sleep, but I didn’t document my dream. Eventually, I woke up and stared at the ceiling to regain my focus. My eyes closed again and again due to fatigue. And, then I imagined or saw something queer on the ceiling. I have drawn what I imagined. I added words to it later after I was a bit more awake. I learned “Comparison” and “Juxtapositioning” in the classroom but “Mergence” is something I have not formally learned. What if my subconscious leaked out what it saw in some novels I have read?


My last thought before I slept was how to merge “She: The Mirror” with “Saryan” even if it means merging only some portions. The images on the wall clearly showed me the images for the “Mergence” technique. Here are the definitions for the three techniques I intend to use in my new novel:

Comparison: If you wish to maintain original sequences, then use comparison to show cause and effect as well as change in character.

Juxtapositioning: If you wish to keep your subplot independent from the plot, then juxtapose them; i.e., offer comparison and contrast by keeping subplot and plot side by side.

Mergence: If you wish to merge your plot and subplot, then you can either slowly fully merge one into the other (first pic) or connect them at only some points (second pic). Later method would allow you to show any kind of relationship between only specific points while leaving the rest of the chunks untouched.

Copyright © 2010 by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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