There are many lucid dreaming totems, which you may utilize to gain and maintain your lucid dreaming state; and, I think that the ones you will choose really depend on your archetype. By the way, I am an empath psychic, which is also defining the nature of my totems. Below are some of my totems:

The Moon and Stars

I point to the moon and stars to play, which relaxes me somehow. I channel poetry, writing, and dreaming this way.

Rains and Storms

Electricity massages my mind, and I wonder if I am designed to somehow map the movement of such environmental phenomena. I get very sensual dreams before, during, and after the rains and storms. Empaths have addictions that help them cope with this world and one of them is sex; otherwise, they will be screaming in their beds every time it pours. I can also predict whether its gonna rain or not through lucid dreams.

Creative People

If you ever meet me, you will notice that I hang around the most creative bunch. I can use Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” as totem. My dreams enter a different level the second I fall asleep with Carl’s book next to me. In one dream, I rode a train in a very curved and mountaneous area that had lots of gardens around it. In another dream that I had while sleeping next to Carl’s book, I had an overwhelming sexual encounter with a very powerful man. I was unable to control this entity so I woke up. I will eventually buy Carl’s Red Book to explore it slowly during sleep. In fact, lots of books that I have been buying over the last 4 years are actually potent totems created by very creative people.


Children are pure beings that attract the spirit world more easily. Just being around kids creates a psychic field that can be used to generate creative dreams. This is why I can easily generate children during my 3D dreams.

Large Empty Space

I can mold my psychic data more this way. I once pointed my imaginary finger towards my car’s window and channeled outside away from my car; gradually, my mind created the image of something slanted, structured, and rough. So I looked to my right and saw two or three fallen trees that now looked like a cabin with no roof. Practice this technique during the day, and you will notice that your dreams will improve.


I use only imaginary rings to create lucid dreams. I can create very deep and romantic dreams with these rings. Once, I dreamt of seeing a large volcano erupt. I was standing near the window and looking outside. To my right side, the volcano erupted and I could see light illuminating the sky. Then, a package containing rings that were made from the volcanic ash and debris flew from the volcano and fell in my hands. I was surprised when I received these rings. Some months or maybe years afterwards–I failed to document this interval here due to a high frequency of lucid dreams–I thought back to this dream. I wanted to reinitiate the dream sequence and find out what the rings were for. So I rubbed my fingers where I imagined wearing one of these rings. Then, during my sleep, I had an orgasm. Do you know that even virgins can get orgasms through lucid dreams?

Rotating Tea Cup Seat

The stationary tea cup seat was in one of the parks that was next to one of my older houses. I used to sit in it a lot. During the night, I would think of playing inside the tea cup seat again. Then the Dark Giant, one of my most brilliant Dream Characters, used to arrive.


Jinns are spiritual entities that are a bit like humans. These are powerful entities that any lucid can use, but you have to have some sort of childhood experience with jinns to connect with them without feeling frightened. As a child, I once lived in a haunted house and witnessed an exorcism─supernatural beings like jinns have never truly felt foreign to me. This is another reason why I play with the jinn during my dreams.


Mirror is a time traveling totem although I don’t know how to use it fully. It works well with the thoughts of a creative person─maybe it is easier to create dialogues with the help of a mirror because there is something different about it. To run a precognitive dream, I need you to dream of a mirror and then think of a creative person whom you have met. I bet you will be able to visualize his/her needs or future somehow given that you have cued yourself properly to do so.


I think of prayer as a totem because it works like that although it isn’t a physical object and thus doesn’t fit the definition of a totem─but, then again our definitions of physical and mental spaces are very narrow because these are designed by analyzing only some available parameters. Prayers open the other dimensions like the spirit world and dreams. The things that I have achieved through prayers are very difficult to understand. For example, while I was learning how to drive, I used to pray a lot. I made all sorts of mistakes until I found an instructor who showed me how to drive in narrow, large, and twisted streets. He was exceptional because he wouldn’t make me stick around inside one city or type of region. Several years later, we ended up in Ottawa where the roads are designed just like the way that last instructor had showed me. Every time I drive around in Ottawa, I only think about him─I had some bad driving instructors and only one of them was smart enough to help me pass. Whether we believe it or not, prayers have a very strong effect on this world including the dreamscape. One prayer that opens you up to your hidden self as well as the cosmos is “Rabbai Zidni Ilmin“, which means “God! Grant me more insight”. You should say this prayer a couple of times while lying down and activating your alpha state.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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