Leading by Example: Arthritis

Note: The idea behind “Leading By Example” project is to offer a donation whenever I can to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or person of my choice. This program is designed to provide an example to everyone about how to offer charity regularly. Whether this task is conducted on monthly or yearly basis really depends on where you are in your career or how much struggle you are up against. But, even then the donations should be routinely provided through this method─remember, even a warm smile is considered a donation because it improves the minds. Oh! I learned all this through Islam. Kindly follow these footsteps to lead the rest.

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Arthritis is a complicated disease because its tough to realize what it is doing to the patient unless you have seen a patient up close. I learned about this disease because one of my relatives had Arthritis. Over years, I saw her feet become malformed and twisted; I still kind of break down when I sometimes see her crying for help while walking. Her condition inspired me to raise funds by canvassing my neighborhood for The Arthritis Society. I did this once in 2002; and I had to back down after I realized that my feet started aching like hell. Next time, I will just donate to them; make someone else fundraise for them; or attempt to engage in door-to-door fundraising given that I have lots of time on my hands.


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