Leading by Example: Disabled

Note: The idea behind “Leading By Example” project is to offer a donation whenever I can to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or person of my choice. This program is designed to provide an example to everyone about how to offer charity regularly. Whether this task is conducted on monthly or yearly basis really depends on where you are in your career or how much struggle you are up against. But, even then the donations should be routinely provided through this method─remember, even a warm smile is considered a donation because it improves the minds. Oh! I learned all this through Islam. Kindly follow these footsteps to lead the rest.

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In 2002, I won the Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Toronto because I chose to volunteer for the AccessAbility Services. Oh! I had no idea that I was going to get awarded; I was just doing my own thing. I took a heavy task because other people were definitely going to avoid it. My job was to push a disabled man’s wheelchair─he was kind of heavy. I had to help him every assigned day for 25 minutes from the North Building to the South Building and then another 25 minutes from the South Building to the North Building. I also had to help the man get to the washroom; then drop him to his classroom; and then I had to rush to my classes. I used to feel so relieved after finishing these tasks. He used to thank me in a generous manner; and, I used to cheer up every time he would communicate. Life felt good that way!

Certificate of Appreciation-2002

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