Intuitive Reading: Rishi Kapoor

Note: I am psychic because I have high levels of stereodepth (3D) vision and the ability to become lucid during sleep. I think I understand the Alpha state by default, but reviewing the article “The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?” really helps. I do not like “performing” psychic readings a lot─in my mind, “performing” does not include daily occurrences─because sometimes they can get challenging to tackle. I strongly believe that this psychic state isn’t an indication of prophethood of any sort because almost anyone can do this when taught correctly..  Also, these readings just tell me one or two things. So, don’t use any of my commentary to judge someone because it is based on reading one or two things. The rest of the things I don’t really know. 

I attended a friend’s wedding a while ago, and we have been singing “Om Shanti Om” song, which is from the Indian movie Karz. The lead male actor is Rishi Kapoor who is actually a heavily-awarded actor.

As I watched the song “Om Shanti Om”, I told myself that I won’t be reading anything today. However, I got bored and attempted reading into things after watching this song a couple of times─I think it was the drums because I have heard that Shamans used drums to reach higher awareness. I mentally pulled  myself into the song and started dancing and singing. I imagined that I was on the stage with Rishi and enjoying myself like the other actors and actresses. Rishi appears normal during the first couple of minutes of this song. But in the later part of his performance, his facial features alter; and, all of a sudden he becomes very serious as he turns around and looks at his dance partner who has just left the stage. But, that’s not it. If you look closely, you will notice that he starts looking very stern and odd. I thought about dancing close to him, but I started feeling a very uncomfortable vibe. Then, I heard the following voices: “he is stern” and “people will decide later”; but, I didn’t hear the voice “don’t go near him”. Perhaps, this is describing how people behave around him; only later, they find out that something is odd about him.  Look at him closely near the end, and you will notice that even after dancing with a woman, there is no real freshness about his looks. Instead, he has a masked face that appears too firm and too focused.  Oh, I learned how to do such readings by reviewing Anna Sayce website.

After finishing this reading, I checked some articles about him online. Apparently, he has issues with his son and once he was caught losing his cool on the Red Carpet. I don’t have a genuine interest in researching him in depth simply because doing so does not match my taste.

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