Staying Creative and Genuine

Staying creative while sounding genuine requires the writer to learn that they are required to document things as much as they can and that everything they write won’t be published. This is a hard lesson for all the writers because of the level of attachment they have with their ideas. To overcome this gap, I save all of my written ideas or brainstorms and review them after several months; and, I try to stay close to anyone who has inspired me by sending them Thank You cards or Twitter Likes. This activity helps me detach myself from my writings partially so that its easier for me to reanalyze my creative works while deciding what should be formally published and what should be ignored. If you do things this way, you will realize that it becomes easier to erase previous memories and learn anew while fitting into any given circle of writers. Its like waking up from sleep and becoming eager to learn old concepts in a different manner or new concepts with heightened curiosity.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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