Exploring Drawings Through Dreams

I gave up on drawing a long while ago simply because I started investigating Sciences and Humanities. However, lucid dreaming opened me to a new manner of exploring stupendously stupefying art and sceneries─do you know that lucid dreams open these aesthetic views on purpose so that the dreamers may heal? During some of my 3D adventures, I found myself exploring enormous buildings; e.g., I think I visited Britain or a similar place during one of my lucid escapes. I have rough diagrams of these visions; and, I strongly feel that some of these are actual places that exist on this planet. I will be publishing these in my first book.

If you are a lucid dreamer, keep a sketch book, a pencil and an eraser near your pillow. If you just happen to wake up around 3 am, then you should be able to immediately draw what you saw without worrying about leaving your comfy bed.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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