Was I in Britain or Canada?

Note: I should learn how to create animations of my lucid dreams. I have tons and tons of data stored about dreams that contain all sorts of buildings. Drawing in 2-D really butchers the whole idea, but I still have to do this before I proceed to the next phase of my project.

I had a massive lucid dream today. It was dark, windy, and rainy; and my family had to give me a ride to a building. We ended up at the wrong side of the street where a mega-size bricked building stood, which felt like something you see in Britain. The car stopped there a bit and then it turned around. After cruising around this rather busy street, we ended up near an open building that had a courtyard. I got out of the car and walked in the rain. My feet got wet, and I felt clammy as I gazed at the people who were rushing around inside the large yard. I somehow got inside a room that held seats and a TV-type screen. After scanning the room, I finally sat down and allowed myself to shiver in my chair. This dream felt like something from virtual reality. Buildings were enormous and astounding; roads stretched for so many kilometers; the night felt real; people chatted amiably; and movements, feelings, and sensations were akin to what we observe in real life.


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