Note: The idea behind “Leading By Example” project is to offer a donation whenever I can to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or person of my choice. This program is designed to provide an example to everyone about how to offer charity regularly. Whether this task is conducted on monthly or yearly basis really depends on where you are in your career or how much struggle you are up against. But, even then the donations should be routinely provided through this method─remember, even a warm smile is considered a donation because it improves the minds. Oh! I learned all this through Islam. Kindly follow these footsteps to lead the rest.

See the rest of the examples under the category Leading By Example.

Al Jazeera states that Rohingya Muslims are one of the most persecuted minority group in this world. According to India Today, they have been receiving abuse like torture, rape, and murder from the Myanmar Security forces since 1970s. BBC notes that the most recent Rohingya crisis has changed into a Global Humanitarian issue as more than half a million Rohingya refugees fled from Myanmar.

The current Myanmar Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi who is a Noble Peace Prize winner, has received lots of criticism about how she is handling this particular crisis. I think she is tending towards Sociopathy! This is why she can be at peace (feel less guilt and fear) and deliver speeches about Human Rights while so many of the Myanmar Rohingyas are getting butchered. Why was she given a Noble Peace Prize at all?

I have just donated some money to UNICEF, which is a very well known and efficient Canadian charity.  Please help the Rohingya because their leaders have failed to take their responsibility.


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