Souls are Pretty

Souls are the loveliest forms in this world. I once saw this writer sitting still while reading a book. Then, I heard weird music around him. I thought I saw something, but I thought I also heard something. It felt like I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. Perhaps, he has a strong creative soul, which is leaving this magical impression. Another time, I had a similar experience when I walked into the room of a young spiritual woman. Her room was drenched in spiritual vibrations that felt extremely soothing to me. I felt that I could spend an eon in this room without realising it. I felt frozen due to her entrancing left-over vibe as my mind and body became warmer.

Souls are pretty because they can leave impressions on things, like the last object touched by the person. Some people can read those impressions and others can sense them vaguely. Spirit sensing can stop whenever the gifted ones tune out on purpose. Once, I felt something milky white and melodious holding me while I fell asleep. Souls definitely have some sort of music attached to them, which runs during sleep as well. This kind of music has too many forms and that’s why even the most gifted ones feel limited while sensing.

Souls have many dimensions, which is why we cannot limit the soul to this world only. Once a friend of mine said to me, “Who wouldn’t notice you sitting in the class?” I fully realize why he said that. He was referring to a specific dimension of my soul, which he somehow sensed easily. It’s that dimension that makes me noticeable somehow.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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