How Repentance Really Works?

I once read a lovely story that’s very famous among the Muslims. Perhaps, it is meant to be a guidance of some sort or perhaps its something that actually happened. The story goes as follows:

Once a prostitute was walking on the road when she saw a dog howling madly. She walked near the dog and looked at its face. She realized that the dog was just thirsty so she removed her shoe and walked to a well barefoot. Then, she poured some water in her shoe and walked back to the dog. She gave the dog water and it stopped barking. She walked away. God accepted her kind act as repentance; and, when she died she was granted heaven.  Or perhaps, the ending that the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that she will get into heaven for performing this simple task.

Islam is very specific about Heaven and Hell, and it specifically states that you will still be alive after you die. It says that you will first go to a world where you will be in transition of some sort and then you will transition to Heaven or Hell. Thus, it shows stages of transition to some kind of other worlds. Nowadays, Modern Science itself  presents evidence of souls leaving the bodies during sleep and existence of consciousness after death..

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