The One Who Watches Through the Veil of Night

Note: I had this lucid dream when I was very young. None of this is fabricated. 

I fell asleep and woke up during an alluring lucid trance. The house and its large courtyard as well as the neighborhood were covered in the veil of the night. Music of the darkness played like a solo and I ran through the courtyard as if dancing to the whim of this alive music. One of my siblings ran next to me while holding my hand. “We will ask the  man near the fenced door to give us some candies”, we whispered to each other as we ran towards the door excitedly. We sat down near the steel fenced door and extended our palms outside. Then we chanted to beckon the man who will bring us candies. Perhaps, this man was our uncle; perhaps, he was a friend of the family; or perhaps, he was just some random guy who lived near our house. We didn’t knew and we didn’t care enough as we stubbornly demanded the man to run towards us. Then, we heard some sort of thudding noise as an adult man finally arrived at the door. He sat down and happily placed some candies on our palms. Then, he whispered that everything is okay and that he actually knows our parents. I felt that he wanted us to stay inside the house next to our parents. My sibling and I giggled because we somehow understood that we have seen him before. This curiously frank gentleman left quietly after we took the candies from him and started eating them. Little did I knew at that time that the same check can be used to scan our vicinity. The man who found us near the entrance was safe because that night was a safe night and there was no immediate danger in our area. I am sure now that if that this stranger played things differently, then this would have indicated the presence of someone sinister in our surroundings.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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