Psychic Feelings Are Like Different Langauges

Psychic feelings are very difficult to enumaerate because they can become very diffused and distinct; they merge very well with the rest of one’s reality; they sometimes go unnoticed during daily routines because one fails to notice minor things or because vibes of the rest prevent proper readings.

Sometimes, psychic feelings are very strong and the psychic gets strong images inside the mind. For example, see how I read my Chinese friend and how I reviewed  Sun Lutang’s picture.

Other times, psychic phenomena does not surface until you have really focused on your subject or unless you have reviewed the evidence multiple times. For example, see how I read Rishi Kapoor.

Yet other times, this kind of extraordinary stuff is ignored because it seems too insignificant. For example, two days ago, I wore red nail polish on purpose. Today, one of my relatives gifted me a beige suit that has red embroidery and prints. I was stunned when I noticed that I was wearing matching nail polish. I shared this story with some of my relatives. I have added my picture below for my readers.

In conclusion, being psychic is fun but this ability still offers limited and unguarded existence like the rest. It’s easy to compel oneself to be psychic by reading and practicing techniques. One lovely method is use of open spaces for entertainment or meditations. Is this why the early Muslims disliked closed spaces?


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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