About My Stereodepth Vision

Originally Published On Dec 4, 2017

I have a higher level of stereodepth vision that was found (nailed!) at one of the research labs at the University of Toronto, Canada─look, my eyes are different. I find it really odd that this is one of the two research studies I ever participated in. At that time, I was not a full-fledged lucid neither did I had any idea what the terms “lucid dream” or “stereodepth vision” meant. I just happen to read an ad about this research study; then, I meditated near the ad a bit; and, that is how I decided to apply to this particular experiment. Oh! I was kind of sleepy and tired when I found this ad─this is one of my abilities, which is just switched on sometimes.

I have thought really hard about what really surprised the examiner that day about my test results. And, I have realized something vital: High level of Stereodepth vision is linked to Lucid Dreaming and Telepathy—Professor’s research has nothing to do with my proposed hypothesis though. 


Has this ever been proven or is this a new research hypothesis? I do not know this yet because I haven’t yet been able to spare time to research relevant data in favor or opposition of this hypothesis. But, this is on my table and I will attempt to present relevant information in the course about Lucid Dreaming and Telepathy, which I am slowly designing.

Meanwhile, you can learn how to improve your Stereodepth Vision. Read the following two articles:

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