An Attempt to Override Someone’s Deficiency

My mother once narrated a really ancient Islamic saying, which specifically stated that souls interact with each other during sleep. I have always believed what she told me simply because of my experiences within the Lucid Dreamscape.

A critical inquiry that arises after we analyze this saying is regarding the nature of this interaction. True! We can read each other’s thoughts and signals during sleep, but can we override each other’s deficiencies? I have often pondered about the answer to this question; thus, once I ventured forward in one of my lucid dreams with a new prime directive.

One of my close friends once told me that he has always wanted to wake up as a lucid, but he don’t have any previous lucid dream experiences. I noted his complaint in a genuine manner and fell asleep while wishing to show him the next set of steps. During my dream, I became aware and then I beckoned my friend to come forward. He looked fragile and young as usual. I held his outstretched hand and walked towards the window with him. “This won’t take us too long”, I encouraged him in a kind manner. Then, I held his hand and jumped out of the window.  Quickly, I whispered for the rest of the environment to fall into his mind. Everything around us was dark: the window, the room, and the sky. We both looked like dark shadows although we were fully aware of each other’s intentions. He curiously flew with me for a bit; and, then astonishingly he vanished somewhere. Perhaps, he ended up gaining more speed than me; maybe he came back to this dimension; or, perchance his usual shy manner deceived me again.

I think I have overridden something about his future or have I just promised myself that I will teach him exactly what he needs to learn—After all! Lucid Dreamscape is considered a training ground of some sort by researchers. I guess, I will post again once my friend manages to experience his lucid form.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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