Being Aesthetic

Once, while shopping, I came across a Muslim woman who was hastily going over so many clothes. She seemed a bit flustered because shopping isn’t an easy task. I walked towards her and looked at her face and figure. Then, I reviewed some dresses and picked one for her. I placed it next to her and showed her the mirror. She was startled at how her complexion started standing out like freshness of young and open petals of a rose. The second that dress was placed near her, her manner of conduct and smile changed drastically. I was so pleased that day because I learned that I can achieve something difficult without much training.

My eyes work like this. I can sometimes pick very little details very quickly, but I have to be in the mood to do this. I reviewed my sight today for fun by running these two clips of Cinderella. Both of her dresses are very beautiful, and it isn’t easy to figure out the right dress for her. But, I started hating her Yellow Ball Dress because it kept throwing her complexion off. To make matters worse, her hair are almost the same color as the dress. There is no classic contrast here to indicate unity of opposites. Thus, I fell in love with her Blue Dress. You can see what I mean by running both clips. You will see that the difference between the potential of both dresses is very minute.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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