Glimpses of the Universe

I feel that Lucid Dreaming allows me to peek into the universe to some extent. For instance, in one of my dreams, I saw a male who appeared like a real man, but he had a very long neck like that of a snake. And, he could shift his neck up and down. He seemed passive to begin with but then he did something very frightening. He uttered a scream and his neck became longer and then he dashed like a bully towards his victim. 

This dream is very confusing. Fair enough! There are times when I think that I saw a jinn or some altered reality of my creative mind. Other times, I think that I saw Fu Wengui, the Chinese kid who was born with 3 additional vertebrae in his neck and Congenital Scoliosis—I just found this video today and I had no idea about Fu until today. Oh! I don’t intend to insult Fu at all since I know that God expects us to respect all of his creations; I am just thinking about what I actually saw. Is it possible that I saw both human and jinn and then craftily merged them into one? Or did I just interacted with a spirit that was from a different dimension and was not a jinn? As of today, I am not so sure in terms of what I witnessed the night I saw this dream character, the Shapeshifter. The vision was so freakish that I still think several times before deciding to shiver and accepting my fear.

In another recent historic dream, I was sitting next to Che Guvra, the Argentine Marxist revolutionary, writer, and guerrilla leader. His body was alive and vibrating with life. He seemed full of life and very delighted when he saw me. He was looking at me and was about to address me when I felt scared and switched the dream scene—I get dreams of political figures and writers because of my ENFP personality.

Clearly, I can bring my favourite friends and individuals to my dream world. In one dream, I saw my best Christian friend and her husband playing Piano right next to my bed. This is a significant dream because it matches how another legendary figure, Richard D James / Aphex Twin, used to hear music during sleep. In another dream, I briefly saw my best Muslim friend in his wife’s arms. I like how during the night, I can connect with people I feel interested in. My empathy allows me to play this move very easily.

Think about it! Islam clearly states that with every human, a Qareen is born. Qareens are the jinns or angels that are born with the human except that they interact and interfere from a different dimension. My dreams indicate that something else has always been present besides my mind and soul. During lucid dreams, the brainwaves are designed to alter and thus a different reality becomes clear. For instance, I have solved a crime case on my own through lucid dreams. During sleep, the human brainwaves alter and our souls enter a different dimension. This is why I could see the Bagarbilla, the small gnome-like dream creature who used to bug me while I was a child. Bagarbilla never appeared after 2 or 3 encounters. Perhaps, it stopped haunting the house? Was it really there or did I scare something away? My first book is going to offer detailed descriptions of some of my lucid dreams. Thus, you will have a glimpse of the universe.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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